Noise pollution and other stories!

This week has been hell in class because of the roadworks outside. I had to take my migraine meds almost every day because of the stress of having to teach and listen to people with all that non-stop noise! To make matters worse, the lesson plans this week included a focus on listening  strategies and techniques to improve fluency and accuracy when speaking (reading while listening, selecting useful language and oral drilling) . The audios were at top volume, so our classroom sounded like a disco with a demented DJ! (to put it metaphorically). Today things got particularly complicated when the floor started vibrating!! An adorable student made a really funny joke when she exclaimed, “Hey, let’s lie down on the floor — this is great to fight orange skin (cellulitis)!”

naranjoenflorTalking about oranges, today has been my very first day smelling the orange blosoms!! You’re walking down the street and you’re suddenly wrapped in their incrediblY aromatic fragance! This is one of the main reasons why I moved here — I wanted to live somewhere where sometimes you get amazing smells! And here you get two: orange budding flowers and in the summer honeysuckle!

Two more stories to go. Menopause. As you know, I’m preparing psychologically for menopause! I’m all excited about it, and wanting to celebrate all the time. But when I find info on menopause it’s all like terrifying urban legends, which doesn’t surprise me because I’m a feminist. Well, here is some good news: after menopause you stop producing one kind of hormones, but happiness (like depression, in a very different sense) has a chemical impact in your body and produces quantities of another hormone that — apparently — SORT OF makes up for the lack of the other! Ha!

Today I discovered, as I was telling a story in Y5B, why I couldn’t become a drugaddict when I tried. (I was in my 20s and having a very hard time, meaning suffering very much, so I was worried I would kill myself, so I thought, “Hey, drugs can ease the pain, and I might be able to gain some time to recover” — so that was why). I thought I had failed because of my tendency to manage on my own all the time (independency) and because my body knew better and wouldn’t allow me to destroy it. But hey, now I know the TRUE reason! I’m really bad at addictions!… I’m really bad at doing the same thing all the time, at developing routines! You see, I can actually start doing something in the same exact way for a period of time, but then I always move on to doing things differently. So here’s the sunny side of being like this! I’m hopeless at addictions!

Last, hope you celebrate March the 8th. Feminism has started a nonviolent revolution we needed desperately, especially women, but also every human being. Please, support women’s struggle for a respect to their human rights. We’re not wicked beings who kill babies (that’s the  message people against women’s human rights give to the voluntary interruption of a pregnancy, VIP, when the egg is being fertilized, or when an embryo and then a fetus is developing) and don’t “deserve” the life we have been forced to lead century after century. Our body is not a battleground. It’s just part of ourselves and what houses our human mind, the place where thoughts and feelings are produced.



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