Y3. Intensive listening!

In Tercero, we have used February to train in Exam Format exercise, except for the last lesson in the month. In January, I had suggested students work on unit 5 throughout February at home, because Exam Practice Month gave you lots of free time for it didn’t imply homework. And of course because it is impossible to learn a language without putting in a lot of personal work and my methodology includes helping you learn independently at home, and encouraging you to do so. My proposal was that if you did this, we could start March with questions on unit 5 and then move on to unit 6 in the second March week + dialogues speaking practice.

This initial plan needs changing right now, because people did not manage to find time to finish unit 5 at home, so here are the changes I announced in class today:

This week, intensive listening with unit 5 audios. This means, Thursday-Sunday, please, every day you should find time to listen to English at least for 10 minutes! Ten minutes in your day are possible even if you are very busy. By now you should’ve developed that habit, so if you haven’t, please, keep trying! 🙂 If you are not coming regularly to class, I wonder: are you using your textbook to work a bit on your English (by listening to the audios, or by sitting to work on the exercises)?

You should try to learn to speak in monologues and dialogues about the topics in these recordings — re-telling, Questions & Answers, Narratives:

  • Use recording 3.16 to learn one of the stories by ear by heart. Please, and next week, volunteer to tell your story. A silent group kills the spirit of learning.
  • Do 6 Listening on page 51, listening to each recording twice. Once you finish, go to the transcript and listen again, a couple of times, underlining Useful Language for your speaking exercises.
  • Weekend: Do the Practical English listening activities (pages 52 and 53). Once you finish, use the recording to listen and repeat! You will improve your ability to speak correctly and fluently.

On Monday it will be you speaking in class all throughout the lesson. You will say your monologues at Plenary and then practice speaking in pairs, with the language you learned from the above activities. Then pairs will start practicing conversations with a time limit, after designing a Task.

So I’ll present unit 6 in the second lesson next week, instead of on Monday. I’ll explain the passive and modals of deduction.

Hope you enjoy working with your English. It’s wonderful to learn languages, and to be able to speak freely with people! It’s also positive for work issues, and for passing exams. If you learn, the logical consequence is you pass. So find time to learn! Learning is one of the best things humans can do in life! 🙂

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