Iceland and good ideas for living together…

If you learn about Iceland, you could prepare a monologue, or an OP with other classmates! That’d be awesome!

Just a quick note about politics, considering the good example we found of good politics in our textbook (of course, they didn’t present it like this!). When you think of what we should be doing in terms of politicis — because in a democracy we’re meant to take part — remember how different politicians answers to problems can be. In Iceland, in the 70s and 80s, due to power shortage, this very civilized society decided to have one day without TV instead of raising the price of electricity. This is the kind of thing people in the world of left-wing ideologies can suggest and the kind of thing people with right-wing ideas would rather not do. And the reason is because people with right-wing ideas generally believe that people who are rich worked hard for it, and “deserve” it, and that poor people are poor because they’re lazy or unintelligent. One thing is party politicis, a different thing is politics. Politics has replaced religion as a tool to organize society, and that — in my view — is a positive development, because it is easier to connect to something we all share — human rights. Now we need to put pressure on politicians so that they produce and encourage true politics, and we can live in societies where instead of accepting some people should have a terrible life, we all have access to a life we can live with dignity.

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2 Responses to Iceland and good ideas for living together…

  1. silvaniax says:

    Dear teacher:

    I miss you a lot and your English classes.

    Silvia from Madrid.

  2. MF says:

    Oh, dearest Silvia! I miss you too! How you lighted up the room and made our lives brighter! Oh! Get a big big hug from me! And please, do visit if you ever come to the south! Here life is quieter even though I have not managed to work less because, you know, when you are new somewhere, even if you are experienced, everything takes more work. But I’m sure next year I’ll find more time to enjoy life here! And we’re BUYING a house! We’ll move in in July, after Exam Month! So I’ll have room to welcome you! And Laura, of course! Think about it! 🙂 Biggest hug!

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