Handouts this week!

Improving your fluency and accuracy by using Communicative Strategies (Oral drilling)
I’ve given all my groups (Quinto, Tercero) the doc here called: What’s the word for…? For Y3’s this is very interesting because you will consolidate your relative clauses. For Y5’s, if you make the mistake of doubling the pronoun in your relative clauses (this is the girl (antecedent) THAT (relative pronoun of “girl”) SHE goes to…) it is a mistake below the level.

From that webpage I’ve also given out “Oral Textual Awareness & Communicative Strategies + Tips for Speaking Tests

I’ve given Y5’s one speaking test for 2 and one for 3, and 3 speaking tests for 2 to Y3’s. This adds to the listen & listen, listen & read, and listen & repeat, and mons and dials you should be creating for your audio work at home (start reviewing past audios with this in mind), of course. Start creating your Speaking Cards based on your work at home. Only one person in my three Y5 groups created one when I asked. If you want to tell me why, I’m really curious about it! 🙂

Upcoming for Y3’s: two writing assignments from Successful Writing – Intermediate, a book that is recommended for this course but which I think you haven’t got, and once we finish the passive grammar bank in the next unit, hopefully in a couple of lessons, you’ll have to download a copy on the Passive with links to audios that I will post here. I’ll try to do something similar with Indirect Speech, too, because it’s far too much for just a year’s practice! This is why the amount of work you are expected to do at home, esp. listening to improve your grammar, is rising.

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