Reminder: How to work with your List of Mistakes

I would like to see your LoM (a final clean copy after all of these months) to give you some feedback.

Your LoM should be based on your mistakes in writing and speaking exercises. It includes writing down the mistake (crossing it out), collecting examples of that language item correctly used (esp., examples you find in your audios or textbook written language), and Oral Drilling, so you automatize correct production — this will help you overcome fossilized mistakes too (your mind memory will be backed by your ear and mouth memories) and improve your accuracy and fluency!

You should use it when you are learning to write a kind of text, before writing, and when you are preparing a speaking activity. In this way, you will avoid making the same mistakes, and you will also be learning to pay attention to your production and proofread more effectively (writings) or fix your mistakes on the spot (speaking).

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