Free Leonard Peltier news…

Shame on you, USA government! And please, people from the USA, there exist non-believers, who behave in solidarity but do not pray. Can’t you at least say “And if you are a believer, keep him in your prayers?”

Leonard Peltier Freedom Campaign
Michelle –Leonard wrote to us today to let us know his medications were not dispensed as promised after what was supposed to be an bi-annual physical check on his health but turned into a very brief ( 2-3 minute) visit. It is unclear to us at this point exactly what the circumstances are regarding this issue. It is our job as his committee to immediately put into motion the mechanisms to protect and ensure that his health, his rights and his well being are kept intact.

We have already started to make inquiries on his behalf and have reached out to his network to look into the matter and take whatever steps may be necessary While it is always our hope that the “ right “ things are done for Leonard, we must always remain vigilant that there are those that would seek to harm him. Leonard’s health is tenuous at best and his health cannot tolerate fluctuations in his medications. We will keep you informed about this situation and we hope that it is resolved quickly and without complication. Please hold him in your thoughts and prayers.

-The International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

Team Freedom

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