Holy Molly! Today — when I’m finally recovering — tomorrow I’ll be in class (demented laughter) — it’s all good news coming in! It’s like the sun coming out everywhere. When you are ill, it feels so horribly gloomy and hopeless! But today, gee… ❤ an activist sibling, Andreas, told me he liked my article on VIP, which brings me hope in regards to it getting somewhere within the pacifist/antimilitarist movement; the magazine (Cuadernos de pedagogía) I thought was not interested in my article in Spanish on how language learning can help people use nonviolent communication wrote back to say they never got it due to technical problems but that they would love to read it; people from Madrid said hello via various devices; two young teachers (from the USA, working in Madrid now) are wanting to join in in our little teachers’ ebook project, Stories from Our Teachers. On the English Language, Lifelong Learning & Our R-evoL.ution (they’ll be getting in touch soon I’m told); the Biblioteca de Mujeres de Madrid wrote to say they’ll be sending Mujer Palabra an update of their catalogues, which is amazing news because they had to donate it to the authorities, who locked the Library up in the Museum of Clothing (! BdM is the most important women’s library in the country, all created out of independent effort — it had to be donated because they couldn’t find space for it!), but at least this means the site is still an independent site people can check out freely; an amazing feminist who was active in underground feminism and out when Franco died has written to say she’ll be working with Mujer Palabra to get her webita out on this independent site; old Blue Gate sisters have also gotten in touch, and I’m hoping we’ll manage to write more for our site on that; and my adorable colleagues at my present school and I are like in a work honeymoon! Plus, in bed I had time to write paper letters to my old friends, telling them about the house!

So tomorrow I’m out again (after a gloomy weekend + 3 in bed), in this lovely town full of trees with aromatic flowers, and with these lovely people who make my life so sweet! 🙂 ❤

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2 Responses to News

  1. carolahand says:

    Fascinating article on women’s issues in Spain, Michelle. I’m so grateful it was published! I appreciated learning about the historic struggles that led to the passage of the Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy law, the recent conservative efforts to eradicate all of VIP’s protections, and the wide range of feminist resistance. There are so many similarities to the past and present efforts of women in the U.S. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. MF says:

    Oh, Carol! Thanks so much! I have a story to go with it, but it’s a sad story, though the good thing was that it got me to write the piece. Ms Magazine asked me for this article, but then on a radio program they have they presented Yolanda, the visual artist, as the leader of the struggle in Spain against this abuse. (I know at times patriarchy’s emphasis is in sterilizing women, too.) And that was false. And they knew, because I had written this article for them and I’m an old activist here, I mean, anonymous, yes, but my info wouldn’t be manipulated like that in the mainstream media. And well, they did exactly what mainstream media had done: distort reality. Plus, when I posted my point, “Isn’t reality enough? Why did you need to say something which is not true?”, they… deleted it!!! And told me off!!! So I just replied: Shame on you. Couldn’t explain, try to explain any further. I was so shocked and disappointed. I thought about how independent “independent media” were if a magazine like Ms had got to that point. So I didn’t reply, I didn’t want to publish there, and that’s that. But it’s sad. Especially because I learned so much from “The Demon Lover. On the Sexuality of Terrorism” by Robin Morgan (1989), a feminist analysis of violence in patriarchal societies. Sigh. But the good thing is I did write it, and now you are reading it, and other adorable people around. I appreciate you liked it, that it was informative. My main concern was trying not to be unfair. A lot of people have not been mentioned, so to say, just a sample, and there are two taboo and horribly hard topics which are rape and this VIP, in patriarchy. Always trivialized, always taboo, always “the problem is women”, even in the antimilitarist movement, where I’ve been trying to make them empathize, develop a feminist intelligence, a greater feminist intelligence for the past three years, around this issue of rape, telling them it’s a Men’s issue, and it HAS TO be in the antimilitarist agenda… Still unsuccessful. And feminist antimilitarists are still a drop in that sea. VIP is a terrifying issue, we can’t see as terrifying because of our learned machismo, the ideological brainwash. There is no way a patriarchal man would ever conceive that women could force a pregnancy, motherhood, sterelization on him. Sigh. Anyway, thanks for reading, dear cyberfriend. And my apologies for not reading as much as I’d like, but I will. I’ll be writing to you soon with news on the ebook, too! Oh my! I had a couple of glasses of wine and words just flow and flow!!! 😀 😀 Big hug ❤

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