Today and next week

Y5A, this is what we’ll do next day: What we did in the other Fifths today:

We checked your homework (first two pages in 3B) and left the Grammar (also third page) and Grammar Banks 3A and 3B for next day. I’m skipping the reading + audio on the third page. Then we did the listening (3.11) and in Y5B we had two groups performing the Dramatized Reading and in Y5CAL we had a conversation about books and movies. Y5CAL moved the Dramatized Readings to the second week in April.

Next week (both lessons) is the deadline for your Writing.

Your homework is: what I mentioned above, the audio on a man talking about a book he liked (you should be practicing mons on this, and please, do them in class too, or send them to me), and the listening again to all the previous recordings (consolidating what you learned, and learning to speak and understand people), sometimes using the transcript as you listen.

More: check this out

Next week your homework will be 3C except the big listening exercise.

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