Y5’s: First Lesson after the Spring Holidays

Today we’ve arranged in Y5A that we’ll hold a complete plenary lesson to talk about the novel and the movie. People have to prepare a three-minute presentation of whatever they want to say about each. After we listen to everybody, we’ll hold a plenary discussion, so you can also practice natural interaction and you can learn more about it all!

As Y5B already had a session on the novel, and considering the group is large, we’ll devote this Spring lesson to the movie. Everybody should prepare a 3-minute presentation on whatever they chose /chus/ to speak about regarding the movie. And then we’ll have the plenary discussion.

Everybody should have a look at the last two pages of the screenplay (they’re thumb-tacked on the Announcement Board) where I suggest topics and activities. And of course, if you give me feedback on my annotated screenplay I’ll appreciate!

Y5CAL, if you agree, the same dynamics as in Y5B.

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