About asking for the C1 level…

It seems in previous years you were collecting signatures to request the School included the C1 level. This is just to remind you that you have a more direct channel you can also use: you have the right to hold students’ meetings at our School (whenever there is a room free, for sure, on Friday afternoons) and then have your reps handing in a request so that the School Council can discuss the matter and reply to your request.

We’ve got teachers and students for the C1 (actually, it’s not only Quintos those interested in having a C1, but everybody learning English today at the School! — and also ex students, and perhaps other people living in Fuengirola), the problem, as usual, is “the cuts.” The authorities say they cannot afford us to have more groups because that’d mean hiring more teachers. However, only one School in this Autonomous Community offers the C1 level, and it would be positive to start having more Schools offering this level, especially because public/state-run education is free and for all, and this would allow people who are unemployed and hard off / undergoing financial hardship to continue learning English, and in a C1 course, learning much more about the English-speaking cultures and one’s own culture, because the deeper you go into learning about others, the more you learn about yourself and your world.

May the Force be with you! ❤

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