Y3: today and for the spring break

Today we talked about people’s mistakes in the job-application letter, and reviewed Exam Strategies for writing applications, plus their structure. People will improve their work and bring a final version for after the holiday. I gave out a Pack on International Conferences, so that people could read about a real international conference and also pick up some useful vocabulary.

About the textbook, we finished the second and third pages of unit 7A (speaking, listening). You need to do the reading left to finish 7A. Make sure you did the back pages: Vocabulary bank on Education and the grammar bank 7A and 7B for our first lesson back together. But that same day we’ll start working on the listenings of the Practical English section (you don’t need to do this, we’ll do it together. But if you can, listen to the previous Practical English sections, and also listen again to the audios in the unit tests, for all of those are more similar to real English!)

I’m going to skip unit 7B, so I recommend you have a look at it over the week. It’s easy and entertaining, for its on houses, a subject we already worked on when you wrote on an ideal house.

And of course, the more you listen to English, the better for your speaking and understanding people, so if you have the time, listen to my podcast, watch TV in English, listen to your textbook audios, watch the videos by students! Whatever!

Enjoy your spring break! ❤

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