Y5A: today and for your spring break

Today we had a lovely lesson. First we talked about roma people (gypsies, in Spain) and indians, then about religion, also in the USA and in Europe. I thought we had to do the video at the end of unit 3, but then I had forgotten that now the Monday group is behind one day because I was ill. So we did the listening on money and happiness and talked about it and read the transcript to fish some useful language!

I think this group hasn’t checked some exercises (on books and quotes) that we checked in the other groups, but then, I’m shy to ask if you’ve done your homework, so… if nobody asks to check stuff, then I simply go on with the plan. So please, make sure you have the answers you need.

I gave out the pack on international conferences.

Over the spring break you should try to see if you’ve done all the learning you need to do in unit 3 (pending for us for sure is the Grammar Bank on unreal pasts, which is interesting, and the video — don’t do it — on women and money), you should watch the Marigold Hotel movie and read the two last pages in the screenplay so you can take part in the discussion after the holiday, and prepare your comments for the wasapp interview or conversation on technology (because nobody gave a mon on this topic and I think you should practice a bit).

Of course, as usual, I recommend you use the B2 textbook audios (especially if you have fossilized mistakes, or you make frequent grammar mistakes), that you listen to podcasts (news, interviews; or my own for L&R or listen to poems or stories), that you watch the videos your classmates sent in for publication! If you bought the Rosa Parks autobio, you could try to read a bit. It’s amazing. Or you could work on catching up on all the mons. and dials. you could’ve done in class! 🙂

Enjoy your English-speaking hols! ❤

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