Y5B: The Happiness Discussion

Today in Y5B we had a plenary discussion on happiness, which actually lasted our complete 2hour 15min lesson! It was very interesting and a lot of different ideas came up.

As we mostly considered the extremes, we decided to tackle this issue parting from our everyday lives. So mull over this!

  • What makes you happy?
  • How much of that happiness depends on /dipend son/ money?

Remember that after our spring break we’ll be discussing the topics in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (see last pages in screenplay for ideas)

Remember also that I’ll be interviewed you on your wasapp group, and that you need to listen to English every day, kind of intensively, so use the textbook audios, podcasts with news and interviews, my podcast for stories and poems and to L&R useful language. And check you did all you wanted to do in unit 3. Also, if you find time, you could check the grammar points in your B2 textbook to list language items you might want to think of when brainstorming for language for your writing and speaking tests!

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