Y3: About unit 7

We need to finish it in April, but if we take a lesson in May, it’s not too bad. Anyway, it all depends on your work. What do you want to check in class? AND Do you want me to post here the answers to any of the exercises, or read them out in class? Speak, please!


  • I’d like to give you some tips for Reading Comprehension exercises like the one you did (did you do it?) on pages 66-7. + Make/Let
  • I’d like to check you can make conditional sentences, as in ex. c, p. 69.
  • I’d like to do the Listening and Speaking activities on page 71, which includes using the langauge in the Voc Bank.

Next day:

  • Any questions on the exercises on Letters of Complaint ( (unit 8A) I gave you to learn to do your May Writing Assignment?
  • We’d check my notes on Conditionals, supposing we didn’t do that in our previous lesson…
  • We’d focus on the Practical English pages: listening and speaking.
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