Barely over a month to go! Your priorities…

Dear all, just a reminder:

  • You should be listening to English every day (textbook audios, now instead of TV series, focus on radio programs/programmes – podcasts) and preparing weekly monologues, or having conversations with your invisible friend!
  • Collecting Useful Language from what you hear or read and L&R (recordings) or Oral Drilling is going to improve your fluency and accuracy, and expand your learning of the grammar!
  • You should have your List of Mistakes close to you before you speak. And you should be crossing out the mistakes your work has allowed you to stop making!
  • You can always volunteer in class. I can prepare lots of activities, I have tons on (speaking), but at this point it’s you who should be doing all the work and me  giving you feedback! But we’ll always have contingency plans, so if you don’t find the time to learn English (most of the learning happens at home, really — courses are relevant support, just that), join us in class!


  • You could be browsing last year’s textbook to collect language items for your Brainstorming on Language.
  • You could be browsing past speaking exams, to check you can gather Useful Language.
  • You could be checking you can deal with the format of past reading exams, following what we worked on in February.

And remember… Enjoy your English. ❤ You are learning a LANGUAGE, which gives you access to all kinds of people, cultures, lifestyles! Something much much bigger than exams. If you can learn a language, you can certainly pass a fucking exam!

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