Plans for today and next week

  • Y5A: Today: doing the money recordings. We could use the second lesson next week to work on the Ten-Point Plan from the novel and on your own Ten-Point Plan!

Next week:

  • Y3C: we’ll start the next unit. Hopefull, people will give mons and do dials!
  • Y5B and Y5CAL will only have one lesson. Hopefully, I will bring your checked Writings.
  • Y5CAL will be working on their Useful Language Project, and we’ll try to record some of that, or we can record some other day if we manage to use the sharing of the selected sentences for reviewing grammar and practicing speaking.
  • Y5B will be interviewed by the teacher on their use of technology or their wasapp group (people, yesterday we forgot to mention this) and we’ll be listening to monologues / dialogues on money or whichever topics people have worked on.
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