English peacelings!: Some episodes at the ESL podcast

chubakaCome on! Go for podcasts now! Crush Exams! ❤ This was one of my fav podcasts. The host is not an activist, and for me, he’s rather traditional in his views, but he is not conservative. And he’s a great professional. I wrote to the host to say thanks! He turned out to be Chuwaka in Galaxy Wars! (he tells the story here, min. 4.something)

For intermediate students, the Dialogues (the name of these episodes starts with a number). (You can also listen to the English Café, sure)

For advanced students, follow his English Café, with stories about the USA and language questions. He speaks somewhat slowly (if you have an audio editor you might want to speed it up a bit!), but he uses vocabulary and sentences you should be able to use fluently, like when he explains the meanings of words! So come on, an episode a day, you’ve got thousands! (Demented laughter!)


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