Exam info – June & School Annoucement Board

For all: The Announcement Board of the English Department, on the 2nd floor, will be updated in Week 3 of May. It will include the info on dates for the First Part of the exam (L, R, W) we published on the School’s website on Exam Dates (page 4 and 5 of the doc you will find, eventually!), and the dates for your Oral, which we are required to provide 15 days before the actual oral exam. This Oral Exam info will only be available on this Board, at the School where people necessarily have to go to get this information. (But teachers will have/tape a copy of their examinees in the Exam Room where they will give the Oral exam, for obvious reasons.)

The Department is organizing the Orals with people coming to class in the first week of May. This is a new system we have organized/organised. Teachers will assign a partner in class, so we can make sure that the people summoned to the exam are people who are actually going to come AND so we can AVOID having people waiting for hours in corridors, making a hell of a noise and not allowing examinees or examiners to concentrate and do their job properly.

(If you are not coming to class, don’t worry because you will be summoned, too, after the people who registered in class. The difference is that we will form the pairs just then, for the obvious reason that we will finally see you there. You just lose your right to take the exam if you are not at the school when summoned to your Oral, “decaer el derecho por no estar cuando se te ha convocado”, so make sure you check out the Bulletin Board in Week 3 May.)

For Libres / Oficiales absentistas: Aclaración sobre evaluación

For Oficiales: This year, for the first time, the School will publish exam results of people in our courses, on the PASEN platform, which is private. YOU NEED TO ASK FOR YOUR CODE at the School Office, so make sure you do, if you plan to check out your results at home! (Other info, not relevant for this I just said, Guía del alumnado para la Plataforma PASEN).

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