Y5 – Writings: Essays (LoM 1)

Thanks for your work. Although I’ve continued checking it at the C1 level, I can notice great improvement. Hopefully, you’ll do a wonderful job in June! 🙂 ❤

List of Mistakes 1 

As you know, the most important thing this year is you don’t make mistakes below the level. So I’ve written exclamation marks on that kind of mistake.

Partitives. I was really pissed off when you made this mistake: “one of … + singular instead of plural“!! (not “one of the reason is,” but “one of the reasonS is”) especially because I also posted on the blog on this! So please, make sure you read the posts on List of Mistakes (LoM) here!

Connectors. Some people have trouble understanding that the connector you select has some logical connection with how you are organizing/organising the presentation of your ideas. If you are going to write a paragraph about reasons for having teachers, and then another with reasons against, instead of starting the first with “First of all,” and the second with “However,” (especially if you are using those connectors elsewhere too!), it’s a good moment to start the first with “On the one hand,” and the second with “On the other hand,”. Remember that if you are showing that something is completely different to/from something else, you can also use “In contrast,” and that instead of using “while” for an opposition (mientras que), you should try to use “whereas” if the text is formal.

Please, download if you like these two pages from an EOI in Aragón, or better still, check your textbooks, because you have tables everywhere. I even published here some useful linkers for Writings for Intermediate students from Successful Writing. Have a look while reading it ALOUD and consolidate!

The Internet. I cannot believe there are people still having trouble with using “the internet” with its correct prepositions, and with its article!! And for your information: “by internet” is not connected speech. That’s for titles and the like. You use THE internet, you check things out ON the internet. You find information ON the internet. You check a website out / check out a website ON the internet.

Textual Structure: CONCLUSIONS. I’m also surprised some people introduced new info — eek!for the analysis in their conclusions. Conclusions are about saying what can be understood after having read the previous analysis or insight /ín-sait/ so don’t you include a new idea which is relevant for that analysis!! That means you improvised and that your structure (outline) is faulty. In a conclusion you can include a comment which looks to the future, but that is not the same as introducing an idea which is (was) relevant for the analysis coming before.

Improving clarity. Sometimes we misuse words but we can communicate anyway. You can improve your wording if you pay close attention to what the words mean. If you are arguing for or against teachers, and you mention a disadvantage “teachers” have, which is that the lessons happen regularly at a certain time, don’t say it’s teachers having that disadvantage, just state the fact: it’s the course, it’s the lessons, that happen at a certain time! Teachers just work there! 🙂 Do you see what I mean? Of course, this is not very important for most earthlings on the planet, but if you care about accuracy and improving the way we say things, this is relevant. ❤

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