FAQ: Is the feminist language proposal to say “poeto”?

No. This is a (somewhat cruel) trivialization of the feminist concern for adapting language to a new reality, to a juster reality — that which says women have a right to be named.

Is the feminist concern with language about making people use the masculine and the femenine in every word they use of the masculine?

No. This is a (somewhat cruel) trivialization. Feminism is about looking for ways to use language without hurting people, not about making people speak the way they reject.

Have you ever read a feminist analysis of language? Or have you just heard people, who are concerned, and do what they can to improve their language? Why would you have such a strong opinion against linguists if you hadn’t read them? Does this happen to you with other groups of experts? Or is it that we can’t believe “feminists” are able to reason and study and become knowledgeable people? When it comes to trusting knowledge, or to exploring knowledge, who do you trust?

Read feminist linguists. You must have read people you disagreed with, or whose ideas you had actually never read about. Here is one of my favorite language thinkers: http://www.mujerpalabra.net/pensamiento/lenguaje/eulalialledocunill.htm

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