Weird day but good ending

Last night (this morn!) I had a nightmare, so I woke up feeling sick (meaning, literally, wanting to throw up). I wrote a poem I would have rather not written. I had this nightmare because of the past, not the present. Sometimes we have things we never solved locked up inside, and something can trigger their surfacing. In my case it was reencountering some old friends, and reading the poems one of them had written. We had shared a very hard period in our lives, the deaths of our parents, and memories were stirred, making me feel very weak and vulnerable. Back to real (present) life, a few things went totally wrong in my first half of the day, so that didn’t help. I thought I would have to stay home but then I thought of you all and that gave me strength to pull  my shit together! So I went to work. The lessons were good, and a good thing to be doing in this weird state of mind. Constructive! Few people came to Y5A (I started the lesson with 1 person!) but the lesson was interesting and participatory, which I love because I’m an interactive teacher! 🙂 In spite of the fact that in Y3C we underwent some panicky moments, 😀 , it all went well in the end, really well, and I think we all learned. It was not the best moment to do that particular exam practice but life is about managing in non-ideal scenarios, don’t you think? 🙂 And we did!

I haven’t been the best teacher I can be this year, for a number of reasons, but I also think I’ve done my best to help you learn. Still, yesterday when I received the results of the Questionnaire you all filled out (US) / filled in (UK) about your teacher’s work with you, I felt surprised, consoled, happy and thankful.

In this last part of the course together, it’ll be mostly you doing what you need to do. Y5s, review past exams, to consolidate you know about the format. Y3s keep working with your textbook, and if you can listen to Revise & Check listening exercises and to the Practical English recordings (and if you want more, to the radio / podcasts), but don’t worry much, I’ll be bringing exercises so they can practice Reading & Listening Comprehension exercises, and then you’ll be practicing speaking with the tests.

Everybody read the Guía del Alumnado 2013-14 (link to the info on the School website), to feel more confident about the process. The more you revise what you know (trying to learn new things is not the best option), the more you consolidate. Listen to as much English as you can every day, to make your ear stronger, so to say.

And just to take a break, I’m posting a short story I wrote, that might make you smile. It’s in Spanish, though! Something reminded me of it, when I was with the fifths today. I think the beach I mention might’ve been in this region!

La historia del chico griego en la playa. (4 pages)


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