Intermediate Practice Test (cañero)

Dear all,

I designed a very hard Intermediate exam for Exam Practice and I wonder if the Fifths would be able to do the listening in Part 2! It’s designed so you can use the Skeleton of Meaning technique, the technique we naturally use when it’s hard to understand people and we try to make do (expression: to make do) with the words we do understand, which tend to be, actually, key words to identify the topic and the most important points of what one says.

I made a terrible mistake which was The answers were included! But here is the corrected version. The links to the videos are included and work. But on TP you’ll find the audio version, too.

icep14 (6 pages) pdf

icep14key (posted at Silvia’s request <3)

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2 Responses to Intermediate Practice Test (cañero)

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  2. MF says:

    I just added the Key to this post

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