Why should we always vote? (European Elections 2014)

Because the people who always vote in Industrial Societies belong or support political parties that do not respect everybody’s human rights. And when the other people don’t vote, their representation and influence in Parliaments rise, which explains the rise of extreme right-wing groups in Europe. Consider the case in Spain, with a strange right-wing political party that encompasses also extreme-right people. Not only has the reproductive right to a wanted motherhood not been decriminalized / not only hasn’t the reproductive right to a wanted motherhood been decriminalized, but the few cases where abortion was legal are now threatened, threatening women’s health and freedom to chose a wanted motherhood. And this is just one of the most tragic examples.

Because if we want to change the world and we are critical with the system RENOUNCING a right we had to fight for is not our best option. It’s unnecessary. Voting is not much, because we need to do much more, but not voting, renouncing rights nobody gave people but that cost brave generous people their lives, their happiness, their well-being, is ill-focused. It’s not a good answer to the problem. It’s a kind of misconception on what social struggle is and brings.

European Elections 2014

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