Beautiful teaching/learning idea!

My dearest sister Carol sends me this video you might all enjoy! ❤

Can you understand it all? Let me know!

Over here, there were two teachers who took part in a similar experience, but face-to-face. The project ended last year, unfortunately.

Our societies need to bridge gaps between “groups” of people formed by Market, mostly, I believe. It’s like we’re always being pushed into pigeon holes. I still remember that when I was a child the groups of underaged had kids of all ages — from the little ones to the bigger ones, and they all seemed to manage well without adults! 😀 (And it was not always older girls in charge of the little ones, by the way!)

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3 Responses to Beautiful teaching/learning idea!

  1. mjmalpica says:

    A wonderful proyect!

  2. afteralliam says:

    Brilliant! It makes me cry!! Could I join this project in any way? I hope so!

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