For CAL students! Zokorro! :D

Dear students, I’ve been gathering the General Useful Classroom Language everybody sent in, but my eyes are sore after 10 pages and I’m not sure it’s ready for publication and recording, so here’s what. If you find some time, can you have a look and then in class tell us all if you would be able to improve this before we record it?

calprojectALL (10 pages, Word) I haven’t done the pages by subject. I hope I can manage that too, but I might need some more work on this next year, or pops in June, after the Exam Craze. We teachers are being asked to do more work in less time (for less pay too) and even though I work every weekend this is never-ending, so I’m planning to take the weekend breaks hereafter! 🙂

The second thing I need is related to your names: some people were not in class when you all wrote down how you wanted to be named, so I’ve just included their first name. Anyone in this case, please let me know if you want something different to what I wrote.

Finally, the good news is I managed to work out how to publish it. It’s not what I had in mind but it’s similar. The audios would be at the bottom. If you browse the site, and watch the videos, please, let me know if you think they’re OK for your subject. Also, send in the “embed” address of any video in any kind of English you like for your subject.


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