Plans for the last lessons together

3ºC – we’ll continue as usual with time for Speaking Test practice


  • About the textbook, my plan is to do the Self-Help Books listening activity, and then practice Speaking Tests.
  • Then we could do a listening activity I’ll design tomorrow imitating the T/F exercise format in your Reading Test, based on an interview to a linguist on the extinction of languages. Plus some more practice on Speaking Tests.
  • I refuse to check Writings over the weekend, because I’ve counted the extra hours without pay I’ve been doing and I’m alarmed, so I’d be checking your Writings next week, after class, which means I won’t hand them back till the following week, which is the last. The problem here is for Y5CAL and Y5B because I have doctor’s appointments on the hours of our last lesson together (Thurs. 28 I think), so the day I give you your work back you would have to check you understand my corrections and have no questions, which means, we’d need to devote at least 20 mins. (supposing there were no questions, which I doubt) to that, but possibly more. And this will be the day of… the documentary! (see below)
  • The Grammar Bank is no priority for me, but we can check that if you like. Try to see or we’ll see where we can fit it in.
  • On the last lesson together, we would watch one of my favorite documentaries (1 hour): the episode “To Belong” in Baby Human. Geniuses in Diapers, by some Canadian (women) scientists (if I remember correctly).
  • As you can see, dear CALs, we wouldn’t have much time for recording the zillions of sentences, so I’m thinking of recording them at home. But I’m open to your suggestions!
  • Back to you all, if you don’t like these plans or can improve them, make your proposals next day in class!

🙂 ❤

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