Y5’s – Change of plans!

As you remember, at the beginning of the course I announced we would be working with three documentaries but we only managed one, the one about how our senses deceive us, and now we were going to do the second, and I chose /chous/ Baby Human. Well, some students have watched Story of Stuff and have asked me if we could do this documentary next week instead of the Baby Human. I don’t mind, and the positive thing about the change would be that SoS is only 20 minutes, so we can watch it twice. Baby Human is one hour. On the other hand, Baby Human is easier to follow that Story of Stuff. But then — you are already used to US American accent, so I think that you could follow. So here’s what —

I’m asking people interested in documentaries to watch Story of Stuff over the weekend, so that you can make the most of watching it in class, and sharing what you understand. OK? Go for it! Be courageous English peacelings! The video is in the previous post, or the post below. Please, don’t read the transcript. Just listen/watch, as many times as you like! ❤

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