Last Exam Tips: relax & focus on/enjoy the tasks…

  • Pay attention to the teacher when she/he speaks.
  • Remember you’ve got all the exam info on the English Department Announcement Boards (2nd floor, in the corridor leading to the classrooms).
  • Bring your ID card, water/juice, tissue paper, A WATCH, two/four black/blue pens.
  • General. Fill in the personal info right away
  • General. Read the instructions CAREFULLY and check the EXAMPLE, which always clarifies.

JUNE is Exam Month. Keep silent at all times everywhere and your machines off while in classrooms and corridors.

  • Reading Test. When you read text, try to skim once or twice (fast, just to get the general idea of what the text is about). This will activate your background knowledge. Then you can start reading and solving the questions (scanning for answers as you try to understand the most). When filling in gaps, consider what comes before and after, too. Consider ideas (understanding the sentence) and also grammar (form).
  • Listening Test. You’ll have time to read the question fast while underlining a key word that will allow you to spot the sentence when you hear something about it. After each listening, if you have found some answers, you can just fill in the box of the ones you’re sure about.
  • Writing Test. Think before you write. Respect the word limit. Proofread your work carefully.
  • Speaking Test. Read the TWO tasks CAREFULLY till you are very clear about what you need to speak about. After that, the rest, if you manage to do work in the Lock-up. You might not, and it’s OK. The exam is mostly about improvising after spending a few minutes ordering ideas in an outline. The rest: Use the pics as inspiration for ideas for the monologue. (You don’t need to know all the vocabulary in the pics. It’s just to give you ideas for comparisons or changing topics/points.) You won’t have enough time to prepare the narrative of your monologue, so just create a quick mental outline of key words for your content structure. You need to think a few ideas for your dialogue, but know that you also need to listen to your partner and adapt the dialogue to what you both create — to the actual conversation you’re having. Remember it’s about communicating. And remember to listen to your partner, and also to yourself, in case you can self-correct a possible mistake!

We’ve worked very hard. You will all be fine, most probably. Trust your intelligence at all times and just use the techniques if they’re useful. You will actually be using and adapting them spontaneously without being aware of it — for the case of people who’ve been using them throughout the year. You’re far more knowledgeable and intelligent than you probably think!

If you choose to allow pressure and misery to build on, well, May the force be with you! I’m sorry I didn’t manage to make you trust yourself and me, really! But I did try my hardest! 😀 ❤

Enjoy your last week of class. Rest, relax, and come to the exam with joyful CURIOSITY. It’s a way to change the world for the better. And you’ll love this new experience!! 😀 ❤

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