Keep it up, Thirdlings!!

As I only have one group of Y3’s I’ve been able to check/grade the Reading and Listening Tests. A very high percentage of people passed the Reading, and EVERYBODY passed the Listening! I was sure you’d pass the B1 Listening, considering our hard work on that and the fact that it could be heard /heerd/ three times instead of two. Well done! But I was not sure people would pass the Reading, because this was a hard B1 reading test.

Two examiners will be checking your Writings next. Well, if you fail, that’d be fine for the summer, because improving in writing is all about listening, too! I mean, all the textual structure stuff is in your textbooks and you would just need to read through, but your main work would be learning English, listening and listening, so you would avoid making grammar mistakes. If you failed because of your spelling, then you would need to read more and notice spelling.  Other reasons for failing could be making mistakes of the kind poor language range, no good textual structure… Anyway, my best wishes for the Writing too, to you all!

Meanwhile, go for the Speaking Test! Listen and repeat like maniacs, to improve your fluency and accuracy, and then try to practice the structure of mons and dials!

Best of luck! ❤

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