News from Hilal – a new center on nonviolence, from a feminist intelligence!

My sister-activist Hilal has sent out the following email, announcing she’s managed to make her dream real. Go for it, Hilal! Hopefully, this summer 2014 I’ll be preparing the video interview Mujer Palabra did to you in Madrid last 2013 summer to get it published at Conoce a… (Meet…) at! I’ll let you know! ❤ Best wishes and sweetest dreams coming true!

Dear friends,

This is Hulya and Hilal writing.

We haven’t been able to meet with some of you for a long time and we hope everything is all right in your lives.

We would like to tell you about a new development concerning both of us.

As all of you know we have been working on nonviolence since more or less 20 years and we all have been dreaming or dreamed about establishing a centre on nonviolence in Turkey since the beginning of this process. We had an opportunity to make it real in October last year. Accordingly, we started a process of negotiation to take on the responsibility of working in a nonviolence centre in Istanbul. Finally the process came to fruition in February this year. We’ve both started working in the Center at the beginning of March. Hilal moved from Spain to Turkey and Hulya from Izmir to Istanbul for this purpose.

Yes! We believe that we have taken an important step on the way to realising our dream!

We named our centre “Nonviolence Research Center”. Our office is at Cihangir, you can see the location on the attached pictures.

Let us give you a brief info about the Nonviolence Research Center.

The Center has started operating with short term financial support of International Center on Nonviolent Conflict and Nonviolent International. During this period we will be seeking other funding avenues to allow us to continue and become financially independent. We, at the same time, aim to establish an association in order to become a legal entity.

The main objective of the Center is to work on analysing, seeking alternatives to and elaborating on transforming the establishing role of violence as a means of domination upon our political, economical and social life in all its dimensions: structural, symbolic and physical.     

To this end we aim to produce publications, including translations; organize regular meetings under the main topic of “violence”, starting from autumn and carry on a research project about nonviolent action experiences in Turkey and the Middle East. In other words, we are aiming to produce reference materials on nonviolence and nonviolent action.

The other goal is to work on nonviolence and nonviolent direct action strategies. We aim to organize strategy trainings for groups, organizations and initiatives to analyse, evaluate, make short and long term planning, etc. regarding their field of activity.

Of course we want to collaborate with all of you whenever this may be possible.

Materials related to nonviolence and nonviolent action in Turkish and other regional languages will be available in our websites and at the office soon.

Our office is available for the other groups. Of course our friends are more than welcome for tea and coffee. 😉

At present, we are working on the Center’s website. It is under-construction but you can still visit it at: (English web site), (Turkish web site)

You can also subscribe to our newsletter through the web sites. If you want to receive it in English please subscribe here

We hope this opportunity gets you excited as much as it excites us and will be a successful initiative for a better future.    

We hope to see you soon!!!

Hilal and Hülya

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