Fifthlings! Go for it all! Enjoy your Speaking Test!

Today I graded/checked the Reading & Listening Tests of my 3 groups of Y5.

In Y5A one person failed the Reading (I don’t know this person), and one the Listening.

In Y5B, nobody failed the Reading, and one person failed the Listening Test (for being nervous, and not because this person did not have the level. Actually, this person has a C1 level. So I’m not worried at all, I know she’ll pass it in September, and I hope she’ll come to Revisión so we can talk about working strategies.)

In Y5CAL nobody failed the Reading Test, and one person failed the Listening Test. (I’m sure this person will pass it in September, and hope to see her in Revisión.)

Now think about all you thought and heard about these tests and tell me… who was right?

For the people who are able to learn a lesson from this, mostly the people who have actually learned something from my course this year, I understand you realize I was right, and how wrong all the gossiping and self-destructive attitudes were. No wonder. There is nothing like listening to people who are knowledgable teachers (which doesn’t mean obeying, but just listening and thinking about it constructively) and how wrong gossips and urban legends were, and how useless and negative it is to allow irrational fear to pile up pressure on you. It’s never a good idea to disregard the use of intelligence. Fighting to overcome the negative things we have learned is a must. As the May 68 revolution stated, we create the systems that we have. That’s why it’s so important to chose developing our intelligence instead of chosing obeying destruction!

I hope you can improve your self-assessment skills after this little exercise.

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