Y5’s, Y3’s: About your numeric results

On the day we publish your results, as you know, you’ll only be able to learn if you passed (Ejercicio Apto) or failed (No Apto). This is enough if you passed, but if you wish to know how many points you got per skill, you don’t need to go to Revisión. That’s for people who failed. But you have the right to come to me, so I can tell you your marks (speaking softly outside the Revisión classroom).

If you failed any of the parts, or one, you should come to Revisión, check your exam papers carefully, and tell me if we made an addition mistake (I can fix that on the spot) or write down (bring paper and a pen, just in case) any ground for a complaint (if you want the Department to check the exam), if you find ground for that.

I cannot “explain” anything in Revisión in connection to the exam, as you know, because you have access to the Exam Papers, where you will see the marks you got and the Hojas de Evaluación with a numeric table. (Observaciones is not as helpful.) But I’ll be happy to give you my professional opinion of how you should work over the summer to pass whatever in September, or — if I believe so — give you advice on proceeding in some other way.

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