Little hello and requests

I know some of you are nervous about the results, but please don’t send me emails about this topic. We’re working non-stop and many more hours than you can imagine and bearing a lot of tension, from all the exams we’re giving, because it’s our Evaluation Month.

Evaluation Month follows a process we should all respect, so that everybody gets the same info at the same time. What you did is done, so please, relax, and wait till next Monday when you’ll be able to find out if you passed or not — and what the problem was for the case of fail marks. If you failed any of the parts, remember you have 48 hours to file a complaint. Bring paper and a pen to Revisión, in case you find ground for a complaint, so you can jot down the relevant information.

Please, don’t come to Revisión if you didn’t fail. It’s not the right moment and it’s pointless. We’ve been giving you all of our attention during the course and working numerous (unpaid) hours, against popular belief I know. You have the right to do so, of course, but your only possible mark is “Apto” so there is no point. In any case, if you insist, I’ll tell you your numeric marks in Reading & Listening, and/or show how you your exam. I won’t tell you your numeric marks for the Speaking Test because when the examiners agreed the person had passed, to avoid longer delays those days we did not do the maths. Of course, you can ask me to do the maths in Revisión and I will.

Just remember Revisión is not to learn anything, just to check we proceeded like competent teachers and there are no injustices or mistakes in the evaluation of your work.

Enjoy your week! ❤

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