About to finish evaluating!

Tomorrow it’ll be our last day giving exams. I’m so exhausted and relieved I can’t believe it! 😀

I’m happy about the results this year. Also because I think that the few cases for September are good ideas, I mean, I do think they need to make an extra effort to achieve the level, and think that it’s not about doing course again, just pulling their shit together in the summer and consolidating the level. I think we teachers have worked well together, and evaluated the best way we could.

Anyway, I scheduled a post here where you will find the handouts I’ll be giving the people having to take a September re-sit in Revisión.

You can all drop by to say hello. (I don’t mean you can’t, just that I have hundreds of exams and looking for Apto exams is complicated, because I have just put aside the failed exercises.) I can also tell you what I remember, a general idea of how well you did. I’ve put aside the failed tests (just a few) but I’ll bring along all of the tests. I hope to see the people who failed one of the parts, to give them the handouts. You can all send me emails, too, if you like in the first week of July, to give me feedback on our course together or to say whatever.

I hope you have all learned that language learning is about loving the language and using it every day!

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