Revisión & September

As you know, revisión is not about me explaining why someone failed an exercise, because we are in Evaluation Month, the course is over.

In Revisión, you have the right to see that your tests were checked and how they were evaluated in the different areas.

When you come to Revisión, I’ll give you a list of mistakes below the level, so you can compare it to your Writing and Speaking Evaluation Sheets.

If you have passed and you come to Revisión I’ll probably ask you to allow me to spend that time with the people who failed, who need silence to read the handouts and check their exams. I also have to say that in order to avoid a longer delay that the delays we had during the orals, when both examiners agreed the person had passed the speaking test, we did not waste time adding up all the numbers, for the only possible mark you can get is “Apto”. So I won’t have that info available for you. Just the totals of the other 3 skills.

If you have your PASEN code you will be able to check your marks online.

Then, to help you do some good learning during the summer, I’ll give you a handout called “How to work…” as a reminder of some of the keys things we learned this year, about learning! and with some resources.

Here is a copy of the two handouts I’ll be giving the people who failed any of the parts of the exam.


welcometoRevision (2 pages)

About September, all the info on this will be available in July (we’ll be updating it on June 30th). Notice that “El Escrito de las Pruebas Unificadas de Certificación Septiembre 2014” is on the first day of September, Intermedio in the morning, and Avanzado in the afternoon/evening, yes, weird but true. (We haven’t arranged those dates. Those are the dates the Junta has established.) Our dates will be those of the Orals. You will have to go to the School in July and check the English Department Announcement Board on the second floor to check when your Oral is. Check it carefully, OK? All the info will be very clearly presented.

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