Lousy News

Although we teachers are literally exhausted, today we had another heavy and hectic day of work. As I was rushing into my classroom — where I was holding a meeting with teachers — and out, I could see a hive of students around one of the Announcement Boards and couldn’t understand why their faces looked so sad and disappointed, even upset!

Finally, when all of our meetings were over, I checked the board and saw that the final list of people getting a place in the C1 course had been published. ONLY 3, 4 of my Fifth Year students this year were in the list!! I could not believe it. I was so happy thinking that for the first time in my career I would be able to have quite a few of the same students I had had this year!

Well, I hope the lucky lot do come to class, and do take part in our first exploratory C1 course. And if they don’t I hope they leave a vacancy so we can call people in the Waiting List.

I also hope that my Fifth Year students remember that they passed (or will probably pass in September) because of what they learned, and keep using their English every day in good ways! DON’T STOP LISTENING TO ENGLISH, PLEASE.

And remember to apply for the C1 course next year 2015-16, too!

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