Sci fi real life

Today I found out that an old school where I worked and became ill due to work reasons (mobbing) has wiped out the work hundreds of people did at the school throughout three years, I think. Because at that time I was using an elearning platform at, I could send an email to all of those students and this is what I did today. I’d like to share it with you because it’s important to know about real things, not only about what mediocre intelligences and manipulators want us to know and talk about. Life is hard and complicated because people cannot trust the use of intelligence, and decide to operate along the lines of mediocrity, which is always connected to some kind of violence or other. Fortunately, this does not usually happen in  intense degrees and that is why we get by — without reaching for happiness everywhere, but without getting too hurt. Anyway, here is the email I just sent out to the people I had the chance to work with from 2006 to 2010 I think.

“This must come to you as a surprise. I hope you are all in good health, and happy and involved and developing your intelligence to change the world! 🙂 ❤

I haven’t been using this elearning platform since I had to leave EOI Getafe for health reasons. I had to leave that school, and now that I’ve recovered I can say (before that I simply couldn’t believe it) that I had to leave because some permanent teachers in the school did not want me there and tried their hardest to hurt me. Fortunately, when I asked for help, I found a good person, an Inspector, who listened and analyzed the matter with rationality and wisedom, and I was granted a transfer to Leganés after my 4-6-month sick leave. After that, I even managed to leave Madrid, which was my dream before this mobbing experience, anyway, so today I can say, Hi, dear all, I survived! 😀 and now I’m safe and happy in a new lovely school where both teachers and students love me or don’t love me as it is usual in life! 😀

Anyway, one of the psychological traits of people who mob people and succeed to wipe them out of their workplace is that they need to wipe out any track of the mobbed person’s existence, and this is the only reason I can find (for What reason could there be to remove such a precious collective project?) for what EOI Getafe has done this year: they have created a new website, which is OK, of course, but in this new website, they have not linked to the old website, where over 300 students, and a group of 6-8 teachers worked for about 3 years, offering the world their quality work and also a fine example of how we can exploit the internet for educational purposes — while also using non-sexist language on top of it all. At the moment, it is as if all of us people taking part in that had never existed. And there is no technical or moral justification to do that.

Fortunately, I have a copy of the website, so when I retire I’ll copy all of your lovely writings onto! You must know that every year my students read your published work, and that they will continue doing so because I found that the Wayback machine is keeping a copy of the site they deleted. So here it is, in case you want to download your work in case the EOI Getafe board tells the Wayback machine that they are not allowed to offer a track of something that existed on the net.

Now I can imagine better what it has been like for women throughout History, and probably also for some men. We know women have been locked up for centuries, just being used and abused, and in most parts of the planet they still are. Well, wiped out of existence by mediocre people, with no intelligence or empathy, with no sense of dignity, not even professional. The internet is the only place were we are all managing to leave a track, and there are already a lot of people trying to work out how to erase our existence here too.

I have also visited the youtube channel where your performances were published. It’s been abandoned, but people keep watching your videos. I have a copy too and also show them to my students in class (DVD), because I always thought they would close that account. Anyway, if you know how to download youtube videos in case you don’t have a copy of your work, visit the eoi getafe channel and download it. I can also send it to you but not just now. I’m exhausted from a very intense year (yet again) and need a little break! My plan is that if they removed that resource too, I’d try to upload the videos again in a MF channel or something, but I’d rather have people’s permission for that, so I’m not sure I’d do it.

Last, thanks for all. Whenever I read your work or watch your videos or listen to you all I remember and learn more about meaningful and joyful learning, and feel inspired, and I know my students do too! So thanks for the sharing you did.”

A big big hug!

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One Response to Sci fi real life

  1. MF says:

    Mensaje enviado a la nueva web del centro:
    Hemos visto que en la nueva web no recogéis nada del trabajo de la antigua web, en el que estuvieron implicadas un cientos de personas, porque se publicaron los trabajos de estudiantes y la web la hizo un grupo de trabajo del profesorado. Ni siquiera la habéis vinculado como cosa que se hizo en el pasado, ofreciendo un reconocimiento al trabajo realizado y compartido. Es poco ético, además de un síntoma de falta de comprensión del valor que tenía como experiencia de la explotación didáctica de las TICs con las transversales de coeducación además. En otros países europeos, aquella web habría recibido premios. Por suerte quedan copias para que sigamos aprendiendo de ella.

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