A video on goals & some news

Hello everybody! I suppose most people won’t be checking this blog out anymore but for those who are still doing so, here goes…

First day with a connection to the internet again! 😀 I was checking out my eoi email account and found Sara‘s email (Y5B). She kindly sends a video you might all enjoy.

Hi Michelle! How is everything going? I’ve just seen a video that I really liked! Maybe you can post it on your blog. Bye, enjoy the summer.


More news: Carmen (Y5B) visited us in our new house (we’re still unpacking boxes!) to analyze the back and front yards in our new house, and the following day we were welcoming two students who started fixing the front yard! They did a fine job, and it was not easy. The creeper was all dry inside and wild and medusa-like outside. There was an oleander planted just by the water intake, which was not very clever! So it had to be uprooted! Also, Carmen brought us lots of plants! Incense, curry, mint, lavender, rosemary, spearmint, parsley… Amazing! ❤

Incense plant (two kinds) – very fragrant!


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