free ebook: Stories from My Teacher

Our first ebook, in case you are into stories told by teachers in class! 🙂 ❤

Stories from My Teacher. On the English Language, Lifelong Learning & Our r.evoL.ution!


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3 Responses to free ebook: Stories from My Teacher

  1. Jeff Nguyen says:

    Congrats on the long awaited ebook, Michelle! I look forward to reading the stories and regret not contributing to the book.

    • michelle says:

      Dear Jeff, you did contribute, through Deconstructing Myths, by publishing insightful analysis and allowing us to meet Carol. But it’s true we would have loved to read your stories, too, in this little project. BUT — don’t forget about us! We will be collecting more teachers’ stories to publish a second ebook some day! ❤ ❤ ❤ Transformative teachers of the world, share your stories! 😀 Whenever you have something you might want to share with us, get in touch, please! In solidarity, from Spain!

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