MATERIALS for Our Course

January 2014 update: More materials!

Audiobooks (abridged, Penguin Readers) to learn to read and pronounce:

friendshowimetyourmotherAudiovisual materials for all (not to read, just to learn to listen & to speak):

  • Textbook audios of previous and present course.
  • Selected episodes of the Talking People Podcast.
  • Season 1 of Friends or of How I Met Your Mother (1 episode a week, to watch as many times as it helps you to learn a few lines by ear; don’t read — we’ll use the scripts for dramatized readings in class later on)

best_exotic_marigold_hotel_ver2Movie (US) / Film (UK) for Quinto:

  • The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – do not read the screenplay, please, and don’t use subtitles in any language. Just watch the movie at least once a month. Later on we’ll read the screenplay.

Why did I choose this movie? For various reasons. The most important is that it will help you learn about something that will happen to you if life is kind: that when you grow older, everything is possible in many senses, if you have kept yourself alive! That “the elderly” are people with valuable info on this hard task which is living. Being old doesn’t make you wise, but for most, growing older means learning to suffer less, learning to find you place. More reasons are related to cultures: the British and the Indian from India cultures! And those as compared to ours!

rosaparksmystoryonecrazysummerTwo books for Quinto:

Why did I choose these books? The 15M has been an important and exciting event. History in patriarchy has never recorded events of this kind, but the fact is that human beings (I mean, men, women, children, and persons of any other identity) have achieved amazing things through nonviolent struggle. Just think of feminism, the social movement. It is beginning to change the world in the most successful nonviolent revolution ever! By reading these books you’ll learn about Black US America and all the social struggle they were involved in during the 20th century.

More information at The Welcome Handout

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  5. Jesus Ruiz Aznar says:

    Hello, Teacher Michelle (I dón’t know if it is said like that)
    I’m Jesus (CAL 5TH). I have already bought three items (for me and two classmates Sergio and Sergio). At the end I bought them in amazon (but another seller) for 4,67 each (delivery included).
    And what about the story of internet? Where? At the moment the cheaper I have found is in It costs 7,78 euros and if you spend more than 20 euros delivery is free
    Kind regards


    • MF says:

      Hiya, Jesús!

      Well, you’re doing very well! Congratulations! 😀
      Seven euros is a good price, because it’s got the mp3 CD, right?
      If you need other students so that you all get the discount of the shipping costs, remember to tell them in class next day! 🙂 Monday is a holiday, so that’ll be Wednesday.
      Have a lovely weekend!

      Language questions:
      Hello, teacher! / Hello, Michelle!
      I don’t know if you* say it like that (*you = impersonal “se”)
      the cheapEST

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