Class Diary 5ºA (B2)

Quinto is an Upper Intermediate EFL course. The Common European Framework of Reference for the Teaching and the Learning of Languages (CEFR for short) calls this level a B2 level. Upper Intermediate EOI students take a Final Exam at the end of the course (PUC, Prueba Unificada de Certificación), in June, which certifies they have reached the upper intermediate or B2 level in their use of the language.
A peculiarity of our particular course in our School is that because the law establishes that students have two years to achieve their Upper Intermediate level, and considering we use an Upper Intermediate textbook in Cuarto, although the final exam is at the B2 level, the textbook we use in class is at the Advanced level, CEFR C1. The good news is that we will only do the first 4 units, because this course is mostly devoted to developing projects while using authentic (original, unabridged) materials.

Last April week: Please, listen to all the unit 3 recordings and think about textual structure while practicing your selected Useful Language. Then, at the weekend, see which parts in unit 3 you would like to ask me about (I can post answers here, but we can also do some of those in class.)

Lesson Plans: April 25 and following lessons

Unit 3: there are two listenings I wanted to do with you all: money and happiness and women and money. We’ll try to do one on Wed. April 25.+ Movie + Book Day.

March 27 (Thurs.) and following week

Please, fail your Speaking Test!

How to work with your List of Mistakes (March reminder)

On your work in March with the textbook

Over the weekend: please read the Guide for students, on Certificate Exams, so you can bring your questions to class next week.

Monday, Jan 27: people read their Articles and we started working on the Love audio. People should listen to it at home, and practice explaining its points.

  • New Plans for unit 2 and January Lesson Plans for every day in January (Please, check and tell me what you’ll be doing, the One Crazy Summer project or the Audiobook or both!!)

Monday Jan 13: Announcements: school name + fire drill. Unit 2: 1. strategies (reading/listening), 2. language: mastering the pasts, 3. preparing mons on childhood for next day. Hmwk: all the little exercises we skipped + Gr B 2A. Next day: D-Day (Articles) + continue with unit 2 and listen to you.

First week back (1 lesson): About our 2nd half of the course together. Timed (one-minute speaking)

ONLINE ACTIVITY: Oral Drilling with Relative Clauses (first open Clauses 5 and do it orally, then check with my own translation).

Wednesday, Dec 18: OPs – two other chapters! + the Test your brain documentary

Monday, Dec 16: we had reminders, announcements, a book for JC, questions on writings, and then two OPs, on chapters 7 and 8 of the audiobook! Amazing! And then we managed to do 20 minutes of the Memory documentary (warm-up viewing).

  • The December Writing is an article (decide who for and include in task description) on any topic you choose (include that info too) in 225-250 words. Please, have a look first to the Writing pages at the end of unit 2. You can also check the last link on this page: Writing File.

Mon. Nov 25: People booked a date for their OP, and handed in their Writings. We had a most civilized conversation about religion and human rights. I  gave out a handout on V-Day and Nov 25 and Hilma af Klint and on Dialogues and explained the plan I explained last Friday. Please do as much as you can in 1C (except the listening by the two language students) + Revise and Check if you finished. I’d like to do the listening and then the video, too, after you practice speaking about language learning! Remember next Wed. is the DEADLINE for your Writing.

Wednesday, Nov. 6: I talked about creativity and human societies, the importance of listening but also of fighting our complexes and fears (and other people’s ideas about what we are like and our potential!), about the flexibility and great potential of the human mind and about why the 15M is relevant and how it connects to the books you’re reading this year. There were questions about the Audiobook OPs, so we talked about that, too. We did the listenings (use them at home to learn to speak about work) and the vocabulary work. Please, check the link below to find out what homework you have and what plans we have for next week! Thanks!

Monday, Nov. 4: C1 textbook: did page 9 + back page, and then everybody contributed at Plenary, so we just managed to do the warm-up for the listenings: discussing what makes people happy at work. Next day we’ll catch up with these and see if we need to adjust the plan or not. The homework is the same as in the Lesson Plan for today (below).

November: Unit 1 (C1 textbook): LESSON PLANS (draft 1)

Wednesday, October 30: Listened to a mon. on stress. Talked about language questions. Did the listening activity. Next week we’ll be starting the Advanced textbook, unit 1. I’ll publish the lesson plans by the end of this week.

Monday, October 28: People worked in pairs on listing items in a Brainstorming on Language for their monologues, and we had a plenary to comment on that and on commonn mistakes, ways to express obligation and why “You must” is not an option! (unless you’re anger or there’s a danger). We listened to a mon., too. Please, prepare mons for next day: we’re ending the month! And remember to tick the checklist on our first 6 weeks together and give me a copy.

Wednesday, October 23: I explained the Writing process and Luis said he’d send me his notes for publication! Thanks! I extended the deadline for the October Writing till next day. People practiced mons in pairs. We did 4 mons at Plenary for feedback. We did 5 sentences of the Oral Drilling on Relative Clauses. At home: you should be working on listening to English every day in different moments, and repeating and speaking based on those audios. You have the textbook audios, the TV series, the movie and the audiobook to work on.

I activated the Follow Blog widget so that people who want to follow the blog can sign up. I’ll remove it next Friday. You’ll get emails about new posts, but not about the Pages.

Monday, October 21: We continued with training for monologues, and improving our command of Brainstorming for Language. We also analyzed some of people’s mistakes. Keep listening to English, working on monologs, and get your Writing ready for next day: the deadline! More pending stuff: your questions and feedback about the Course Plan and the Self-Assessment Sheet (see below).

Friday, October 18: Listening to people and explaining language questions based on their questions and mistakes: adv/adj, adv and comp., misuse of “will”… (got notes on people’s performances, remind me of this!)

Wednesday, October 16: going to the movies instead! Your Questions, comments, etc. Language work: Using tenses (handout) – Learning about Functional Grammar and Language Functions.

Monday, October 14: novels (2), theater, blog updates: tenses, writing schedule, unit 3. People who missed lessons should get the October Writing handout (Spares Folder) or check this out. Your Q/Stories. Working on mons: all topics, in pairs with feedback + coming to me. The tenses handout. Homework: check your Writing File to see what you want to learn, and listen to audios in unit 3 of last year’s textbook.

October 9: Announcements (forgot to mention the theater). Writings and Exams and my rules. Stories: Belgium. Stereotypes: small groups discussed the topic instead of brainstorming (but that’s OK). Mon. practice. Next day: Organizing Writings (please, have a look at last year’s textbook so you know what you need to do this year, and tell me!). List of Mistakes based on your mons. Monologues and re-tellings at Plenary (unit 2, audios). You can start your Speaking File (record this mon!)

October 2: We listened to people talking about their audio work. The group elected their Students’ Reps. Yepee!! ❤ Thanks, adorable candidates! People worked in pairs practicing/practising mons. (speed dating / life-death situations) and feedback on mons. for their LoM’s. Finished reviewing unit 1. Homework: about what to listen to and read in unit 2. Next week we’ve only got a lesson, on Wednesday, and that’ll be to do as much as we can of unit 2 + your speaking activities.

Monday, Sept 30: Announcements (check the Bulletin Board). Stories by sts: we reviewed How/What…like? and the Past simple/Present perfect (+ with “already”, “just”, “yet”, in US/UK Englishes). Blog updates: we learned/learnt a poem, Dreams, and checked out the Year I Was Born website. Small Groups had just 30 minutes to continue reviewing unit 1 — aiming to work with speaking about speed dating, and talking about yourselves (signatures or other) + reviewing the Comparative Structure “I say a sentence and you all repeat”.
My Question: Do you need to improve your fluency on Useful Classroom Language? (Check some episodes at the TP Podcast. Type in “classroom” in its Search Engine.) Next day: you should’ve listened to audios to tell us about, and reviewed the complete unit so we can maximize the last lesson on unit 1. Remember we need part of the time to do the Students’ Reps election!

Wednesday, September 25: Unit 1 Review. Explained this page on unit 1. I explained how to work on your weekly monolog/monologue. How versus What…like? How’s your mum? How was your weekend? What’s your friend like? What’s [an experience] like? (e.g. What was the trip like? / What was that [event] like) Groups work on unit 1 for 30 minutes (Interviews). Next day: An hour and a half to finish reviewing the unit in groups, with speaking activities and question at Plenary.

Monday, September 23: Today we had a lovely interactive lesson, with quite a few people speaking a bit! We talked about names (also in different communities, and about the issue of Identity Cards too) and we even had a Name story by Francesca! We started the Classroom Diary!! People jotted down what they had contributed at Plenary. Btw, Rachel can arrange with someone a massive order of Our Crazy Summer! You see, if you order more than 20 copies, you won’t have to pay shipping costs! So get in touch with her. We also checked everyone had all the handouts I’d given out and gave out two more: The Course Info Form (for me) and the Tips on Learning2Learn. And we did some communicative spelling! I also announced the creation of two Pages here and explained what the Speaking File and the Writing File would be. Next day we might start reviewing the Upper Intermediate textbook. I’ll probably ask you to tell us more thoughts and stories and to review unit 1 in the old textbook, what speed dating is or what you think about psychics!

Plans for next week: Do some story-telling / Useful Language sharing on your part (from your listening to audios) + bring last year’s textbook for group oral reviews! + Spelling/Numbers. Bring your Upper-Intermediate textbook if you have one! For more, see: Reviewing the Upper Intermediate Textbook.

September 18: The Welcome Handout. We read /red/ this, practicing/practising pronunciation and explained the projects.
Language point: Modals and Language Functions: Offering yourself to do a favor and Asking someone to do you a favor.

September 16: information about levels and certificates, and course materials including textbook, audios/audiovisuals, and books. Handout on One Crazy Summer (beginning of novel, 1 page, glossary, 1 page). Handout on Developing your Oral Skills (learning to listen and speak). Ficha para estadísticas del centro. Información sobre centro en web del centro. Homework: start listening to English every day, include 15 minutes of listening to audios at the Upper Intermediate level (e.g. use your past textbook and learn by ear as much as you can, this is, listen several times to a same audio, then listen and repeat, then listen and then re-tell.) Bring your previous textbook to class.

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