Class Diary 5ºB (B2)

Quinto is an Upper Intermediate EFL course. The Common European Framework of Reference for the Teaching and the Learning of Languages (CEFR for short) calls this level a B2 level. Upper Intermediate EOI students take a Final Exam at the end of the course (PUC, Prueba Unificada de Certificación), in June, which certifies they have reached the upper intermediate or B2 level in their use of the language.
A peculiarity of our particular course in our School is that because the law establishes that students have two years to achieve their Upper Intermediate level, and considering we use an Upper Intermediate textbook in Cuarto, although the final exam is at the B2 level, the textbook we use in class is at the Advanced level, CEFR C1. The good news is that we will only do the first 4 units, because this course is mostly devoted to developing projects while using authentic (original, unabridged) materials.

For Writings, check out LoM + deadline for last writings

Last April week: Please, listen to all the unit 3 recordings and think about textual structure while practicing your selected Useful Language. Then, at the weekend, see which parts in unit 3 you would like to ask me about (I can post answers here, but we can also do some of those in class.)

Lesson Plans: April 25 and following lessons

Thurs, April 26: audio Women & Money, if we didn’t do it. Movie. (10-point plan) Book Day.

March 27 (Thurs.) and following week

Please, fail your Speaking Test!

How to work with your List of Mistakes (March reminder)

On your work in March with the textbook

Over the weekend: please read the Guide for students, on Certificate Exams, so you can bring your questions to class next week.

  • New Plans for unit 2 and January Lesson Plans for every day in January (Please, check and tell me what you’ll be doing, the One Crazy Summer project or the Audiobook or both!!)

First week back: bits and pieces Timed (one-minute speaking) + Unit 2: 1. strategies (reading/listening), 2. language: mastering the pasts, 3. preparing mons on childhood for next day. Hmwk: all the little exercises we skipped + Gr B 2A. Next day: D-Day (Articles) + continue with unit 2 and listen to you.

Tuesday Jan 14: Announcements: school name + fire drill.

First week back: About our 2nd half of the course together. Timed (one-minute speaking). Unit 2: 1. strategies (reading/listening), 2. language: mastering the pasts, 3. preparing mons on childhood for next day. Hmwk: all the little exercises we skipped + Gr B 2A. Next day: D-Day (Articles) + continue with unit 2 and listen to you.

ONLINE ACTIVITY: Oral Drilling with Relative Clauses (first open Clauses 5 and do it orally, then check with my own translation).

Tuesday, Dec 17: Questions on writings?, orals?, Audiobook OPs, pending textbook activities?, documentary

December 10: I gave out the handout on Human rights defenders. If someone reads it and wants to tell us what it says, that’d be awesome! We listened to CIRENIA doing her Audiobook Bit and it was ASTOUNDING!!! I’m bringing my video camera next day!!! I gave the Nov Writings back and we talked a bit on mistakes and listened to one of the students read out his very funny application letter! There was a question about the TIME LIMIT for the Dec Writing, and my answer is 55 minutes, tops an hour! Pairs practiced timed dialogues and we listened to two of them!

  • The December Writing is an article (decide who for and include in task description) on any topic you choose (include that info too) in 225-250 words. Please, have a look first to the Writing pages at the end of unit 2. You can also check the last link on this page: Writing File.

Tues. Nov 26: people formed the OP groups. We had three wonderful monologues. I explained how we’ll work with timed dialogues and how you should work on this at home.  I had a question about Kennedy and ended up speaking about religion! 🙂 We managed to start 1C! Yeepee! We read the text, and your homework is do the rest of unit 1 except the listening with the two language students (3rd page in 1C) and the page on the video. Remember next Wed. is the DEADLINE for your Writing.

Thursday, Nov 7: I explained Listening Exam Strategies. We did the second listening (1.4?), and the vocabulary work on the same page. When small groups were about to get started in their mission, something kind of very special happened and, well, they didn’t! But we’re survivors and we’ll survive our very demanding lesson plans next week, right? 😉 🙂 ❤

Tuesday, Nov 5: we had monologs and plenary analysis of mistakes and progress. We did the Speaking exercise, but had no plenary (which I regret, but we needed to move on). We did part of the listening activities planned for this day. Please, check the link below to learn about your homework and our lesson plans, and keep in mind we might be behind some days.

November: Unit 1 (C1 textbook): LESSON PLANS (draft 1)

Thursday, October 31: we had a Mon-only session! It was tiring but very positive for people’s English. We dealt with a few grammar points students will tell you about next week. People said they had enjoyed Carmen’s letter from Ireland very much! ❤

Tuesday, October 29: deadline for the October Writing. Questions on language + mon practice + mons at Plenary, with feedback and language questions for LoM.Next day: more mons in 3 min. Next week: bring your C1 textbook: we’re starting it!

Thursday, October 24: I’ll be joining the General Strike in Defence of State-run/Public Education.

Tuesday, Oct. 22: Talking about the movie. Clarifying your work at home. Practicing mons in pairs. Plenary Mons: Ana and Indirect Speech.

I activated the Follow Blog widget so that people who want to follow the blog can sign up. I’ll remove it next Friday. You’ll get emails about new posts, but not about the Pages.

Thursday, Oct 17: We’re going to the movies!!

Tuesday, Oct. 15: We analyzed common mistakes in Speaking tests. We listened to J’s mon. and analyzed her performance from the examiners’ viewpoint. We read the Rules for your Writings, and I gave out more copies on the October Writing (same link) to people who missed the previous lesson. We thought about brainstorming for language before speaking tests, discussed some language questions, and had people in pairs practicing/practising story-telling keepin in mind the present/past problem. We had no time for listening to more people at Plenary! Shucks!

Thursday, October 10: Announcements included the theater and the October Writing Assignment info. Tips for OPs. Small Groups worked on statements on stereotypes and we had a langauge plenary for questions. Then Small Groups worked on the three deeper questions on stereotypes and we had a plenary where they shared their answers. Homework: go through last year’s writings, to see what you know/need, work on your monolog on stereotypes! (and listen to audios in unit 2 on this matter). If you already did, start with unit 3 audios!

Tuesday, October 8: We didn’t manage to work on Stereotypes in groups, but we had stories and questions, some info about religion, war and politics in the USA, and some good training in how to use language to speak about the future and how what seems to be a future may not be a future, or how it means other things, too. People are welcome to fish sentences from their listening activities and prove me wrong! or right! Read these two posts: Stereotypes, About your Writing Assignments. Next day we’re going to have a Plenary on Stereotypes (bring your statements on national stereotypes) and then you’ll put together your mon. in pairs. Then a Plenary for follow-up. So listen to people talking about stereotypes, to pick useful language!

Thursday, October 3: Announcements. Students’ Reps. Unit 1: Working on your monologs in the classroom. Plenary to see what happened / questions / re-telling of stories told by a classmate. Homework: Going through unit 2.

Tuesday, October 1: Unit 1 Review. People worked on Speed Dating and Talking about people’s personalities and hypothetical situations like What will your life be like in X number of years? Then we did some Oral Drilling on the Comparative Structure. We had a plenary on Speed Dating and brainstormed on questions to ask (What would you take to a desert island? was really funny! south-pacificBtw, if you want to learn about life on islands, I have a documentary about the South Pacific which is amazing. The problem for class is that there’s not that much speaking), and reviewed some language items: I got it wrong, I always mix up this and this. I’m/I was confused with + agent. We had a story by MJ on her past holiday. I reminded people of the existence of the verb drive: We drove there and we talked about Food and Culture.I explained why I never go out with students, too! Next day: the last session devoted to unit 1 of last year’s textbook, so make sure you have reviewed what you needed. At home this week you should work on a monologue on Speed Dating or on Health/Accidents/Life-Death situations in the past. Keep on listening to the recordings of your textbook, too. And start the audiobook whenever you get a chance!

Thursday, September 26: Groups couldn’t work on unit 1 for 30 minutes (Interviews) because we had an amazing lesson based on non-stop conversation (dialog/dialogue) at Plenary! We spoke about Texting and Misperceptions around texting, and also about Linguistic Creativity and Languages in the world and languages in Spain. MJ told us a curious story and there were quite a few questions on language. I explained the Unit 1 Review worksheet. How versus What…like? How’s your mum? How was your weekend? What’s your friend like? What’s [an experience] like? (e.g. What was the trip like? / What was that [event] like) I explained how to work on your weekly monolog(ue)s at home. Next day: We need the two hours to review the unit in groups, with speaking activities and question at Plenary, so please be punctual (you are, you are!) so we can have the 15 minutes before that for your stories, announcements and comments!

  • 5ºB: You do not have Friday lessons. That’s just for 5ºA because they just have 2 hours per lesson, instead of 2h 15′ like you.

Tuesday, September 24: We welcomed more people. It was a very interactive lesson, with lots of people speaking at Plenary but I gave them the pressie of the Classroom Diary too late, so only two got to write about their contribution! People learned/learnt the Eenie Meenie Miney Moe rhyme. We talked about “holler” so I played a bit of Inner City Blues by Marvin Gay (soul music). Rachel and I sang a bit of Ain’t No Mountain High… We didn’t do communicative spelling, but I did spell a few words that came up in our conversations! We checked everyone had all the handouts I’d given out and gave out two more: The Course Info Form (for me) and the Tips on Learning2Learn. I also announced the creation of two Pages here, the Speaking File and the Writing File but I did not explain it. Next day we’ll try to start reviewing the Upper Intermediate textbook: unit 1, so listen to the audios non-stop! I’ll probably ask you to tell us more thoughts and stories and to review unit 1 in the old textbook, what speed dating is or what you think about psychics!

Plans for next week: Jonni is going to bring a selection of Lines He Loves from Friends, so that everybody can Listen to & Repeat! Do some story-telling / Useful Language sharing on your part (from your listening to audios) + bring last year’s textbook for group oral reviews! + Spelling/Numbers. Bring your Upper-Intermediate textbook if you have one! For more, see: Reviewing the Upper Intermediate Textbook.

September 19: The Welcome Handout – we managed to read page 1 😀 and talk about the Reading Project and the Movie Project. We talked a bit about the LoM while having a look at Tercero’s. We checked the Modals and Language Functions on Favors/Favours. And some people told us stories — I wish I remembered people’s names! Please, if you spoke, post your story down here. Do you have the handout on One Crazy Summer?!

September 17: information about levels and certificates, and course materials including textbook, audios/audiovisuals, and books. Handout on Developing your Oral Skills (learning to listen and speak). Ficha para estadísticas del centro. Homework: start listening to English every day, include 15 minutes of listening to audios at the Upper Intermediate level (e.g. use your past textbook and learn by ear as much as you can, this is, listen several times to a same audio, then listen and repeat, then listen and then re-tell.) Bring your previous textbook to class.

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