*About this blog

This blog is an outside-the-classroom resource I’m offering my EOI students* so that they can develop a passion for learning, improve their ability to learn, improve their use and understanding of ICTs, and have all the information we share in class in case they miss a lesson.

I also have a website, called Talking People, at talkingpeople.net. It’s kind of chaotic but full of interesting resources and materials, including a Literature section, my notes on how to learn, and a podcast.

The reason why all of this is not private is because I don’t mind sharing my knowledge and skills with people. By doing so, we are contributing to the building of a better world. Also, I offer my work in gratitude to all the sharing going on in the world, which only the Internet seems to have place for.


We always existed, though HiStory has just told us about violent men obsessed with war and the exploitation of all the living creatures. We always existed, but Patriarchy always wiped us out into non-existence! This time, if we’re lucky, we’ll leave a track on the Internet, so that future generations will know that numerous human beings — including women!! — were capable of amazing constructive action!

* I earn a living as an English teacher for adult EFL learners (English as a Foreign Language) who signed up for a course at an EOI school in Spain. EOI stands for Public/State-run Adult Language Education, Escuelas Oficiales de Idiomas.

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