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Colaboración Collage 25 años!

Queridas y queridos Old estudiantes, he enviado a algunas personas este email, porque he pensado que podrían querer escribir, pero os lo copio por si más gente se apunta. Podéis entregarlo en el centro hasta diciembre 2016, o si queréis … Continue reading

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Coeducación – Developing a feminist intelligence!

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free ebook: Stories from My Teacher

Our first ebook, in case you are into stories told by teachers in class! 🙂 ❤ Stories from My Teacher. On the English Language, Lifelong Learning & Our r.evoL.ution!

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My new blogs for

Course 2016-17 For Básico, same as below For C1, Course 2014-15 For Básico 1, For the C1 level, News – Blogging: Annual Report 2014 Still in use! Summary: This blog was viewed about 24,000 times … Continue reading

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Aunque sea asombroso, ha habido gente de intermedio que no se fijó en la prueba PUC convocada a nivel de Comunidad Autónoma era por la mañana. Nos da mucha pena, pero los centros no podemos poner una PUC escrita fuera … Continue reading

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About sex (video)

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African proverb…

I’m not much of a proverb person, but I do love this one… ❤

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El tren de la libertad. Yo decido. English subtitles (struggle for women’s rights in Spain)

This was one of the actions women organized to fight for respect. Here is an article which mentions it, along with other recent actions:

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A video on goals & some news

Hello everybody! I suppose most people won’t be checking this blog out anymore but for those who are still doing so, here goes… First day with a connection to the internet again! 😀 I was checking out my eoi email account … Continue reading

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About the C1 course

There’s hope! Some people did not come to confirm their registration, so there might be movement in the Waiting List next September! 🙂 ❤ I’ve been working on preparing the course, but I’m moving next week, so I’ll leave it … Continue reading

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Watch this video if you like beautiful things in life: it’s a dog or bitch playing with a bay bee! One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen!! ❤

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Estadísticas Aptos Junio (better late than never)

Y para que veáis el problema del absentismo en cifras y la alegría de Aptos, aunque creo que siempre deberíamos aspirar a mejorarla! El resumen es: Ejercicios Aprobados sobre Ejercicios Presentados en JUNIO. S (son porcentajes normales, buenos. Yo venía … Continue reading

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Herstories of Womankind

Finally worked it all out! For my C1 course next year! The first project I finish designing! You can read the Welcome, and then the page called The Project!

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Vegetarian kids explain…

He speaks Portuguese, but the subtitles are in English. Really moving.

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Your feedback starting to come in!

Thanks! Wonderful! Very useful and mostly encouraging! 🙂 It’s also important when you tell me what you would improve or what you didn’t like because then 1) I can do something to improve, or 2) I  realize I need to … Continue reading

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Sci fi real life

Today I found out that an old school where I worked and became ill due to work reasons (mobbing) has wiped out the work hundreds of people did at the school throughout three years, I think. Because at that time … Continue reading

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Amnesty International collecting signatures to protect women’s rights to decide whether they wish to become mothers or not

España: La salud y la vida de las mujeres en peligro El Anteproyecto de ley del aborto vulnera los derechos humanos y debe ser retirado And if you wish to find out more about our Herstory of struggle for … Continue reading

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Lousy News

Although we teachers are literally exhausted, today we had another heavy and hectic day of work. As I was rushing into my classroom — where I was holding a meeting with teachers — and out, I could see a hive … Continue reading

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Revisión & September

As you know, revisión is not about me explaining why someone failed an exercise, because we are in Evaluation Month, the course is over. In Revisión, you have the right to see that your tests were checked and how they … Continue reading

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About to finish evaluating!

Tomorrow it’ll be our last day giving exams. I’m so exhausted and relieved I can’t believe it! 😀 I’m happy about the results this year. Also because I think that the few cases for September are good ideas, I mean, … Continue reading

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Little hello and requests

I know some of you are nervous about the results, but please don’t send me emails about this topic. We’re working non-stop and many more hours than you can imagine and bearing a lot of tension, from all the exams … Continue reading

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Y5’s – Y5B, ¿falta de confianza? (con posdata)

En los orales de 5ºB me encontré con una sorpresa triste: hubo gente que se puso a hacer cosas que no habíamos dicho que había que hacer: además de sembrar el pánico en lugar de confiar en una/o, en el … Continue reading

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Interviewing a pacifist, by another pacifist

To my very missed friend, Hoowee, who I miss so much (It’s funny how when we are happy we remember the people we lost and miss) NB “funny” here means “strange”

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Y5’s, Y3’s: About your numeric results

On the day we publish your results, as you know, you’ll only be able to learn if you passed (Ejercicio Apto) or failed (No Apto). This is enough if you passed, but if you wish to know how many points you … Continue reading

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Mary Wollstonecraft

A radio program/programme on her ❤ The first picture Opie painted of her, Mary Wollstonecraft in 1790–1, byJohn Opie

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Absentismo, evaluación y estadísticas (edited)

Quisiera ayudar a concienciar sobre el impacto del absentismo en la enseñanza pública no obligatoria de idiomas, ofreciendo los datos de mis grupos en el curso 2013-14 respecto a personas que se han presentado a las Pruebas Unificadas de Certificación … Continue reading

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Fifthlings! Go for it all! Enjoy your Speaking Test!

Today I graded/checked the Reading & Listening Tests of my 3 groups of Y5. In Y5A one person failed the Reading (I don’t know this person), and one the Listening. In Y5B, nobody failed the Reading, and one person failed … Continue reading

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News from Hilal – a new center on nonviolence, from a feminist intelligence!

My sister-activist Hilal has sent out the following email, announcing she’s managed to make her dream real. Go for it, Hilal! Hopefully, this summer 2014 I’ll be preparing the video interview Mujer Palabra did to you in Madrid last 2013 … Continue reading

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Keep it up, Thirdlings!!

As I only have one group of Y3’s I’ve been able to check/grade the Reading and Listening Tests. A very high percentage of people passed the Reading, and EVERYBODY passed the Listening! I was sure you’d pass the B1 Listening, … Continue reading

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Spain: European Elections & Podemos – in English

Hoping lots of small parties will destroy bipartidism and create new meaningFUL Parliaments where reps will have to collaborate and negociate. (I voted for Iniciativa Feminista. Hopefully, one day, it’ll also be part of those groups.)

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Maya Angelou, In the Valley of Humility

It’s from her collection of thoughts, Letter to My Daughter (2008), 1 page. I designed this reading exercise a few years ago but I have never actually done it in class. Yet! 🙂 I believe if we weren’t so afraid … Continue reading

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Maya Angelou, Still I Rise

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How to control fear, quote by Rosa Parks

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Well, today I said my goodbyes to Y5CAL and Y5B and tomorrow it’ll be Y5A and Y3C. Thanks for a wonderful year. I’m hopeful about your results, but, as you know, I don’t really care because I know (for the … Continue reading

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Phew! At last!

I found how to fix a few thing on the new site for the CAL Project. Have a look now! Here’s a nightmare poem on English pronunciation. Thanks to Rachel for reminding me of it nightmarish existence!! (Demented laughter) reading

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Last Exam Tips: relax & focus on/enjoy the tasks…

Pay attention to the teacher when she/he speaks. Remember you’ve got all the exam info on the English Department Announcement Boards (2nd floor, in the corridor leading to the classrooms). Bring your ID card, water/juice, tissue paper, A WATCH, two/four … Continue reading

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a tinybook of major events

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Exploring stuff I’m uploading all the recordings I did this year for my Intermediate and Advanced students. 🙂 The ads and video publicity are terrible! 😦

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FAQ – Speaking Test & Pics in Monolog(ue)

Today Sara (Y5B, guest student at the Y5A lesson today) asked me about the pictures under the instructions for your monologue. She had the pictures of three kinds of buildings and didn’t know how to call each kind of house. … Continue reading

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Y5CAL-Uploaded part of the project and 4 audios

Check it out! Couldn’t manage the site better. If anyone knows how to manage google sites, I need to talk to this person. Got tons of questions!

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