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Vegetarian kids explain…

He speaks Portuguese, but the subtitles are in English. Really moving.

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Absentismo, evaluación y estadísticas (edited)

Quisiera ayudar a concienciar sobre el impacto del absentismo en la enseñanza pública no obligatoria de idiomas, ofreciendo los datos de mis grupos en el curso 2013-14 respecto a personas que se han presentado a las Pruebas Unificadas de Certificación … Continue reading

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Maya Angelou, In the Valley of Humility

It’s from her collection of thoughts, Letter to My Daughter (2008), 1 page. I designed this reading exercise a few years ago but I have never actually done it in class. Yet! 🙂 I believe if we weren’t so afraid … Continue reading

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Exploring stuff I’m uploading all the recordings I did this year for my Intermediate and Advanced students. 🙂 The ads and video publicity are terrible! 😦

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New video on One Crazy Summer!

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Vote to stop the rise of the extreme right. An appeal in Europe

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A positive approach to mistakes

Do not fear mistakes. There are none. Miles Davis (1927 – 1991) – one of the greatest musicians ever! Some of the worst mistakes of my life have been haircuts. Jim Morrison When you lose, you’re more motivated. When you … Continue reading

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Common Core Curriculums: Killing teaching/learning processes

Curriculum – Curriculums/Curricula; syllabus – syllabuses/syllabi I just read /red/ I’ve just read /red/ this by Jeff Nguyen, a primary teacher in the USA, where the Common Core curriculum suffocates teaching and learning processes with even more harshness than here … Continue reading

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How to learn Math

The truth is the first pieces of advice are relevant also for language learning. I’d give that advice to some of my students! “1. Show up for class. When you miss class, you have to learn the concepts either from … Continue reading

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English peacelings!: Some episodes at the ESL podcast

Come on! Go for podcasts now! Crush Exams! ❤ This was one of my fav podcasts. The host is not an activist, and for me, he’s rather traditional in his views, but he is not conservative. And he’s a great … Continue reading

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