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free ebook: Stories from My Teacher

Our first ebook, in case you are into stories told by teachers in class! 🙂 ❤ Stories from My Teacher. On the English Language, Lifelong Learning & Our r.evoL.ution! Advertisements

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Sci fi real life

Today I found out that an old school where I worked and became ill due to work reasons (mobbing) has wiped out the work hundreds of people did at the school throughout three years, I think. Because at that time … Continue reading

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Interviewing a pacifist, by another pacifist

To my very missed friend, Hoowee, who I miss so much (It’s funny how when we are happy we remember the people we lost and miss) NB “funny” here means “strange”

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Spain: European Elections & Podemos – in English

Hoping lots of small parties will destroy bipartidism and create new meaningFUL Parliaments where reps will have to collaborate and negociate. (I voted for Iniciativa Feminista. Hopefully, one day, it’ll also be part of those groups.)

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Maya Angelou, In the Valley of Humility

It’s from her collection of thoughts, Letter to My Daughter (2008), 1 page. I designed this reading exercise a few years ago but I have never actually done it in class. Yet! 🙂 I believe if we weren’t so afraid … Continue reading

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Phew! At last!

I found how to fix a few thing on the new site for the CAL Project. Have a look now! Here’s a nightmare poem on English pronunciation. Thanks to Rachel for reminding me of it nightmarish existence!! (Demented laughter) reading

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Exploring stuff I’m uploading all the recordings I did this year for my Intermediate and Advanced students. 🙂 The ads and video publicity are terrible! 😦

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FAQ – Where I get my Tees

I get my Literature T-shirts here (USA): And I get my Amnesty International (also feminist) Tees here (Spain): The rest come from international pacifist meetings I attended throughout my life. (I tend to think clothes should last FOREVER! 😀 😀 … Continue reading

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New video on One Crazy Summer!

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Vote to stop the rise of the extreme right. An appeal in Europe

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For CAL students! Zokorro! :D

Dear students, I’ve been gathering the General Useful Classroom Language everybody sent in, but my eyes are sore after 10 pages and I’m not sure it’s ready for publication and recording, so here’s what. If you find some time, can … Continue reading

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A positive approach to mistakes

Do not fear mistakes. There are none. Miles Davis (1927 – 1991) – one of the greatest musicians ever! Some of the worst mistakes of my life have been haircuts. Jim Morrison When you lose, you’re more motivated. When you … Continue reading

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Hilma af Klint, a pioneer of abstract art, by Teresa (Y5CAL)

Go to our youtube channel to read the info on this video, if you like! ❤

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Are you going to survive the exam or not? (audio)

Listen to this message first! Then read on, if you like! Sometimes survival is all about understanding a good idea, that allows you to develop the correct attitude. It’s not about competing and cheating, but about focusing and collaborating. … Continue reading

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How to learn Math

The truth is the first pieces of advice are relevant also for language learning. I’d give that advice to some of my students! “1. Show up for class. When you miss class, you have to learn the concepts either from … Continue reading

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