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Listen to this: Are you going to survive the exam or not?

A poem to help you calm down and focus: Wild Geese

March 28: Here is the PUC Guía Alumnado 2013-14 New Guide to Certificate Exams!

Feb 18: Here is a link to all the Certificate Exams we did in class for practice this month of February! (Thanks, Mar! 5CAL)

Remember: Certificate exams are evaluated on the spot, without any other considerations (e.g. previous marks/grades, your effort, whether you followed the course or not). In other words, the only thing that counts is your performance on the days of the Exam. There is no way my personal feelings or thoughts on students can interfere in me giving a mark/grade to your oral and written performance. We teachers are professionals, and know how to find out whether the person has reached a level of command over a language. And if we make mistakes, you’ve got a whole Complaint system set up for your defence, a system we teachers actually support, too! So please, focus on doing your thing and avoid distractions and negative conditionings. The best thing against an exam is LEARNING HERE AND NOW. LEARNING THE MOST YOU CAN!

  • Download the Guide to Certificate Exams (PUCs) and read it. Jot down your questions for me in class. Remember I only answer questions about exams in February, in class, at Plenary.  PUCs_guia_2012-13 (35 pdf pages)
  • Don’t do the only Exam the Junta has on its website. You can do it later, in May, at home, timing yourself, to consolidate the procedures, techniques and strategies that you used/learned in class in February. Junta’s website with guide and Sept 2012 exam as an example (for May)

First two and a half weeks in February:

  • General Info on Certificate Exams
  • Presentation of Exam Format + Explaining Cloze Tests
  • Timed practice using techniques and strategies, to see if they work (R.C. & L. C. June 2012)
  • Plenary discussion of results and also of mistakes, difficulties, things you did well!
  • Timed practice – freestyle (R.C. & L.C. September 2013)
  • Plenary discussion and jotting down your results

Last lesson in third week:

  • It depends. We’ll see


More on two techniques: My notes on talkingpeople.net:

Here for: http://www.talkingpeople.net/tp/howtolearn/howtoread.html

  • Skimming and Scanning in Reading Comprehension exercises
  • How to do one-word closed cloze tests
February: Exam Practice Month
Date What?
3, 4 Intro + cloze tests. The May practice at home with Sept 2012
Practice: cloze tests
5, 6 Checking Cloze tests, Matching ex.Reading June 2012, or Listening
10,11 Listening June 2012, or Reading
12, 13
+ 14 (5A)
Reading Sept 2013, or Listening
Friday (5A): people coming pick – speaking, or we have cloze tests & listening on web, too
17, 18 Listening Sept 2013, or Reading
19, 20 – Movie Project

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