Your Weekly Schedule

1. Identify the moments in the day when you would be able to listen to English (mornings, evenings…). How long for? (5, 10 minutes? 30 minutes?…)

2. List the resources you would use and think about when.

  • Monday-Thursday: textbook audios (+ EFL Podcast)
  • [Monday & Wednesday]: EFL podcast episodes – only Avanzado
  • [Tuesday & Thursday: podcasts in English (for natives)] – only Avanzado
  • Friday: watching TV Series
  • Saturday: abridged book + audio (learn to pronounce), and listening to people (watching YouTube videos)
  • Sunday: watching movie/film or documentary

3. What am I going to do each time I listen to something?

  • L&R
  • Listen several times, till I feel I understand / till I can start repeating parts of it / all of it
  • Listen and visualize the grammar
  • L&R or Oral Drilling to overcome fossilized mistakes
  • Listen & Read

    I pasted this text above from this post, because I thought it would be better to have it as a Page.

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