AUDIO Stories

My Stories + audio

This is an experiment!!
Using the Vocaroo resource I told you about on Your Speaking Fiel (thanks, Vocaroo people!), I’ll be recording some of the messages I posted on this blog, and perhaps some of the Pages in the black navbar. As I cannot upload audios here, I’ll link to the Vocaroo site, but before that I will have saved my audios as mp3 in a folder in my computer, in case the site closes.

If you would like me to record any of the texts on this blog, let me know.

The Good Things about Travel(l)ing

Why I Never Go Out with Students

Going Swimming

I published two more stories on the Talking People Podcast, in the Stories segment.

2 Responses to AUDIO Stories

  1. veronica says:

    It is very interesring how you teach us I think we ll learn to live the language

  2. MF says:

    Hello, veronica!
    Thanks so much for feedback. It’s very kind of you!
    I have a question: what do you mean when you say “we’ll learn to live the language”?
    See you just now!!

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