Evaluation Sheets

Self-Assessment and Self-Evaluation Sheets

You don’t really HAVE TO give me a copy by the deadlines below, EXCEPT THE LAST HANDOUT if I don’t have any info about your English because you miss lessons and never do the Writings or Speakings, etc. — Then I need that one to insert the Apto/No Apto useless info for the absurd ghost record of marks that can’t be used to give you the pass mark! For the case of people whose English I have information about, I’ll be delighted to know what you think, so then we can talk about it in December!

Because it’s true I’ll be happy to learn about your progress whenever you can actually hand in a copy of all this whenever. I was just trying to deal with the topic by groups on a same date. But the truth is I notice your progress in class, and we actually exchange emails and talk in class as part of our course life!

Nov 9 News: I have organized deadlines, considering I am giving you plenty of time to hand in stuff and some of you are forgetting.

If you can, help your most forgetful or lost classmates! Remind them of this!

  • Y3 – B1 – SelfAssessment Sheet – units 1 & 2deadline: Nov 18 / 19 (no extension, if you can’t then, hand it in before)
  • Y3 – B1 – Self-Assessment for unit 3 (use your own piece of paper and attach to previous handouts and use all the info in your Self-Evaluation below):
        • Speaking: Monolog(ue)s on Dangerous Driving; Women & Men. Interactions: In pairs in class, I’m-a-tourist-can-you-help-me dial (page 25, Communication Activity), and dialog(ue) Giving Opinions (page 33).
        • Listening: your results in 2.23 on p. 30, 2.28 on p. 32, 2.30 on p. 33.
        • Writing: November Writing.
        • For Reading, use the audiobook, which you should read as you listen this month: are you reading it while you listen? Yes / No. Are you understanding most of it even though you don’t know some of the words? Y/N.

4 Responses to Evaluation Sheets

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  3. Carmen says:

    Quе tal,
    Me ha gustado tuu blog. Hay otros artіculos no me convncieron demasiaԁo, pero la
    mayora sοn bаstante interesantes.

  4. MF says:

    Hi there, Carmen from Peru!
    We’re glad you found the materials we share for free useful.
    Thanks for posting!

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